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Meeting your pets needs.

Dog Walking:

Your dog will be collected and taken on a variety of different walks in rural areas around Midlothian where they can run free (if this is suitable for your dog) or if you wish your dog to be kept on a lead please let us know.


Your dog will be walked in small groups of no more than 6 at a time.  When your dog is returned home I will endevour to dry your dog as much as possible and has water available.


Cat/Rabbit Visits:

Cat visits are done in your own home, to ensure your cat does not get stressed unnecessarily. This includes, feeding, litter tray cleaned/emptied, play time and of course, cuddle time if they would so wish. 


Let Out Service:

If your dog is elderly or a puppy then this is the service for you and your dog. this can mean a slow plod around the block, to puppy play and lots of cuddles.


Pet Taxi:

If your dog or small animal requires dropping at the groomers or the vets. please call for more details.


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