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Debbie has been a godsend to me. After an accident I was unable to walk my dogs. My older dog was content but Bonnie sat longingly looking out of the window. When Debbie came to meet us, I broke my heart worrying about a stranger taking my baby a walk. Bonnie had a ball. Now a couple of months later i'm out and about. Bonnie looks forward to and luves her walks with Debbie and her new friends. Debbie is trust worthy and a real dog lover. 



I would recommend Debbie to anyone who wants to know there dog is in good hands. she travels for 30 minutes to get to my house and takes estella for areally long walk (often more than an hour).

Estella also went to stay with Debbie & Timbo the greyhound when i was away on holiday and I just  knew estella was happy there. Not only does Debbie provide a great service, she even works on socialising nervous dogs, she even cleaned estellas ears when they were itchy and has always been happy to do extra days walks at the last minute when ive needed them.

Karen....... Penicuik 


we love Debbies dog walking service and so does Fergus. he loves his walk and the attention he gets from Debbie. we are so thankful for Debbie as fergus is very energetic and as she says a 'tank' - so is very boisterous.  Debbie matches his personality to suit other dogs.  which is just Perfect for him.

lauri....... gorebridge 


My dog isn't just my dog, he's my best friend, comforter, defender and he owns our families heart, so when it came to us getting a dog walker we were pretty pernickety, but I can without hesitation say that Debbie has absolutely surpassed our expectations and hopes in every way. Nova is always pleasantly tired and always looks satisfied on our return from work. Debbie goes to great effort to ensure Nova is lovely and clean, has access to water and somewhere to lay down & have a snore ... And she even pats the cat!
One aspect we really enjoy about Debbie's service is she takes the time to update you, sometimes it's a funny story or photo so you feel you know what your dogs been up to!
Debbie is a completely trust worthy lady and we feel 100% comfortable with her coming into our home and taking care of Nova... She even normally saves some random half chewed item from complete annihilation!
We really can't Debbie's Dog Walking services enough, to know your dogs off having a fun packed day being looked after, cared for and spoilt by people who genuinely care about your dog is fantastic! Can't thank you enough Debbie.

Kathy..... Mayfield 


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